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The Teammate Project was created to prevent useful used sports equipment from being thrown away and placing it in the hands of children who may otherwise may not have access to youth sized equipment.  


Baseball equipment and soccer balls have been collected over the last seven years and redistributed to youth programs in underserved communities in the US and the Caribbean.  The Teammate Project has promoted the values of youth sports for all children regardless of their economic standing.  We want everyone who wants to play to have a chance to play ball! 

Our donations come from individuals, families, schools and municipalities.  We are happy to arrange pickups or dropoffs anytime. The Teammate Project runs several collection days during local baseball tryouts and spring tournements.  Contact us to be a presence at your next baseball event.


In additon to providing children with the tools they need to enjoy baseball and the team values that have been so important to our own lives, The Teammate Project is proud of the recycling and reusing of equipment that may have otherwise be thrown away and added to overburndened US landfills.  We are happy to support the enviornment while this equipment is given new life in the hands of young children.




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